Getting your puppy

We believe our puppies deserve the very best when traveling to their forever homes. We do NOT ship puppies’ cargo but use a flight nanny for all our travel arrangements. Contact us for a quote. All other transportation must be set up by new owner.

Bring your puppy home

Everyone of our dogs is fed a high-quality dog food. We feed Victors High Pro dog food. We also give our puppies and dogs ( link Coming) Nuvet vitamins, to give them the very best start possible. Each puppy will go to their new home with a small bag of food, we recommend, if switching, slowly switch their food by mixing it, slowly adding more and more of the new dog food over time. any toy size puppy can become hypoglycemic very quickly, this is extremely dangerous and can be life threatening. Low blood sugar can cause a puppy to become hypoglycemic, a toy to tea cup puppy can have a drop in sugar due to not eating, stress, playing very hard, etc., to help prevent this puppies should have access to food and water at ALL times, this is also why we recommend purchasing a bottle of Nautical and giving puppy a tiny amount, ( pea size) for the first few weeks your puppy arrives home, give after any strenuous play, stress, and long hours of travel. If puppies are flying, we send them with nutrical and give them some before giving them to the flight nanny. Once your puppy arrives home

Supplies for your new puppy

A carrier to bring your puppy home in

Puppy pads, they are used to using them.

A puppy plays area or puppy pen with a door to keep him/her safe when you cannot watch them.

Nautical this is a supplement for tiny dogs to keep their sugar up

Small food and water dishes always filled and have access to at all times.

Grooming items Shampoo and conditioner (I like barks 2 basics) a metal comb, a pin brush and a slicker brush (these are used for fluffing their coat, these will NOT keep your dog from mating if this is all you use.)

A bed

Toys for playing and toy for teething

Age-appropriate treats

If needed a baby gate to keep puppy from going to areas of the house, you do not him in

Appropriately sized crate

Collar, Leash, dog tags

We send our puppies home with a belled collar. We love these because these guys are tiny and they will find their way into tiny out of sight places, with the bell, even if your puppy does not respond to being recalled the bell will help you locate them. They also go home with a few toys,
Positive training tools- clickers and treats
If available, we send our pups home with a free clicker for positive reinforcement training
High Quality age-appropriate dog food- we feed our dogs victors high pro dog food, as babies we give them Cesar wet puppy food mixed in with it.

Once you arrive home with your puppy.

The moment you arrive home, take your puppy to their outside potty spot. Riding in the car for a long time or a short period of time is a good way to make them must go potty. Let them potty as soon as they get out of the vehicle.

Puppy Proofing

Puppies are just babies, and having too much happening all at once is a disaster waiting to happen. Introduce your puppy to your house for the first time, start small, with an area he can be comfortable in and that has been thoroughly puppy proofed. Letting your puppy roam the whole house can be scary and can overwhelm them. Start small and go from there.

Meeting the family

Have your puppy meet his new family one on one in the area he will be living in. Do NOT overwhelm with meeting new people, going new places or large groups of people. Give your puppy and yourself a couple weeks to adjust to his new home and your family to adjust to having a new puppy.
Get your puppy on a schedule
Set up a daily routine
Wake up go potty, breakfast, etc. we get our dogs up at 730am everyone goes potty, then they eat food, etc.
Set up a nightly routine- our dogs go to bed between 9-10pm and they are kenneled. If kennel training, remember this formula 1 hour for every month old plus 1. This means your puppy can “hold it” 1 hour for every month old, plus 1, if they are 8 weeks old, they can max hold it for 3 hours but will have to go shortly after eating or drinking