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Collier Family

Welcome to Collier’s Canines page!! My name is Sharon Rooke-Collier, and this is my family.

A little about us, by day I am a professional dog groomer, I have over 20 years of experience working in the animal industry, I grew in a family that raised and bred Rottweilers, for 7 years I have been a professional dog groomer, we own and operate Sharon’s K9 & Kitty Kutz LLC, and for the last 6 years my family and I have raised and bred maltipoo’s and now toy poodles. My husband David is retired military, and a certified canine Training and behavior specialist, and specialized in behavior modification, he owns and operates Collier’s Elite Dog Training and together with our three children we raise and breed maltipoo’s and toy poodles.
We strive to produce healthy, quality puppies that make perfect family members. We focus on temperament, confirmation, social and structural soundness. All our dogs are members of our family and are treated as such, they have free roam of our home. Puppies are socialized from birth with children, strangers, other dogs and even cats. We introduced them to being handled daily, groomed, potty training and so much more.